A surge in demand abroad for Eco-friendly Ganesh idols

September 9, 2018 1 By HimaBindu P S
Ganesh Idol

Eco-friendly Ganesha

Ganeshotsav is to be celebrated this year between September 13 and 23. NRI buyers are willing to spend as much as 10 times of the selling price of a statue in India. Vendors of Ganpati idols have said that they are witnessing an increased number of requests from customers, more than 2,000 families abroad for eco-friendly idols.

Orders from Overseas

Satyam Shinde, Ganesh Idol manufacturer and vendor said, “We have more than 30 clients abroad. We have tie-ups with courier companies for shipping & delivery. European countries and USA has a higher exporting charge because of the greater distance as compared to the Gulf and South Asian Countries”.

Eco-friendly Ganeshas

In the recent times, eco-friendly Ganesha idols are finding a place in the international market. Lolita Gupta, who leads the Ganesh campaign said ,“For years, we received requests from devotees abroad preferably eco-friendly idols, but our clay idols are heavy and fragile and we were not sure they would survive the journey.”

Effect of GST in India

Due to GST, the cost of idols has surged by 20% this year. A 15-feet idol cost around Rs 90,000 last year. This year it is likely to cost around Rs 1.2 lakh.

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