Exciting India (2015) by Kpop Stars

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Exciting India

Exciting India ( also known as ‘Fluttering India’) is a TV program Telecast by Korean Channel KBS. On the show, the five idol Kpop stars explore India, trying to create a report for Korean broadcaster KBS’ 9 o’ clock news.

Kpop Stars who visited India

Fluttering exciting india

Kpop stars from various groups Exo’sSuho, Shinee’sMinho, Infinite’sKimSungyu, SuperJunior’sKyuhyun and cnblue’sJonghyun

The cast of K-pop stars Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Minho (SHINee), Jonghyun (CNBLUE), Sunggyu (Infinite), and Suho (EXO) did not get to visit top tourist attractions in India. It was this reality show with idols from different groups who set out to make a report on the news about K-pop fans in India.

The program chose India as its destination because K-pop’s influence seemed to be weaker there than in other countries. There are K-pop fans in India, But those fans comprise a much smaller proportion of the population in India than in other countries.

Incidents that grab attention of  both kpop and non kpop fans in this show

  • EXO’s Suho and SHINee’s Minho renew their friendship

Exo’sSuho and Shinee’sMinho

These two became trainees together in the same period and even studied abroad to China together. However, time passed by and their relationship slowly started to drift apart, especially since Minho had the chance to debut as an idol singer first and he had less time to spare. Minho apologized to Suho, tried to make efforts to bring back the once lost relationship.

  • Memorable moments
cnblue Jonghyun playing guitar at Gateway of India

cnblue Jonghyun playing guitar at Gateway of India

Jonghyun started playing guitar and the ‘amazing’ singing have gathered a crowd around them. People started taking pictures with them only for a reason ‘singing foreigner’ but they don’t know that they are actually kpop stars.

ExcitingIndia Superjunior Kyuhyun Birthday celebrations

Superjunior Kyuhyun Surprise Birthday celebrations



They loved Indian food. And came to know that India is not only famous for one type of Indian curry but has many types .😂

  • Kpop Idols met Indian Fan
Indian Kpop fan meet kpop stars

Indian Kpop fan met kpop stars

Kyuhyun and Jonghyun hit gold at Starbucks when they meet their first Indian fan. Failing to eradicate our existence, this godsend messenger of the entire fan community of India clarified that K-pop fans are present in substantial numbers in India and while they are spread all over the country, a concert would surely attract large numbers. A very elated Kyuhyun, after having tried hard to overcome the language barrier, goes to Rhythm house – Mumbai’s iconic 75 years old music shop – with the fan, and meets up with Minho and Suho. The fan doesn’t wait a minute to confess her love for Minho but clarifies that her bias is Taemin.

Indian Kpop fan meet kpop stars

Indian Kpop fan met kpop stars

Three Years Ago This Indian Doctor Went Viral In this Show And He Had No Idea

Suho and minho with an Indian

Suho and minho with an Indian

Meet Dr.Arora, who is Indian beside Suho and minho. He said he was sight seeing with his family in Mumbai when he came across Suho and Minho.

“I was looking for someone who would be able to click the pics without distortion and then I see these Korean guys, standing together they had cameras and some other equipment as well.

“So I thought they may be able to help me take the picture,” he said.

Arora said he had no idea that a camera was recording them.

He said that his friend who watches Korean dramas came across the video and shared it with him

Arora said that he thought the pictures came out pretty decent.

“It was great to know that they were celebrities and more so that they were so down to earth and humble,” he said.

  • Funny moments in their journey
Infinites KimSungyu

Infinite’s KimSungyu Funny moments

Cute expressions of suho while reporting

Cute expressions of suho while reporting

kpop stars acting class

kpop stars acting class

This is in 2nd episode,  where kpop stars visited India’s slum area called Dharavi which is funny and little awkward too.


It was definitely an enlightening experience, according to the members.

“It was interesting to see how much pride and love Indians have for their country and their unique local culture,” said Jonghyun of CNBLUE, who said that the trip inspired him to write two or three new songs. “I saw a lot that I can learn from, and I hope that more hallyu stars will be able to foster cultural exchanges in India in the future.”

“To be honest, over the past 10 years I had come to think of myself as something of a global star, and I thought hallyu was everywhere,” said Kyuhyun of Super Junior, the most experienced of the group with performances around the world. When I got to India, though, I realized that people did not know about Korea as much as I thought. It made me want to work even harder.”

However, the process of putting together a news story was not easy.

“The most difficult thing was probably language. We heard that since India is such a big country even Indians sometimes have trouble communicating,” said Suho, the leader of EXO. “But we came to realize soon that we could communicate through music, and it was fun.”

“It was a struggle from start to finish,” said Jonghyun. “Once in a while we ran into fans who gave us a little help. It was hard, but we made a lot of great memories.”

In the end, their story did not make it onto the nightly news, but the members said that shooting the program was a precious experience.

Indian’s now are eagerly waiting for Exciting India Season 2, also expecting BTS team to come to India. Since there are more fans of BTS in India. Till now there is no update on Season 2, but they are planning in near future.

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